Website Updates

This website is slowly getting up and running. Once again, it’s a learning curve as I am no web developer. Maybe at some point I will get “un-cheap” and pay a professional to do it, but then, again, what fun would it be not to learn how to do it myself? I’m way to geeky and cheap to allow that to happen!

This week, I’ve added a few new features to the website and I’m excited about that. I’m still learning about our new recipe program but am getting it a little at a time. Between trial and error and a little (much-needed) support, it’s getting there. You can now save your favorite recipes on the website, build a meal plan (menu), generate a shopping list. and print out your recipes, your menu and a shopping list, all at the same time. It’s all mobile and tablet compatible too, so you can take it with you. You can edit your shopping list and send a link to your cell phone email address…you can even save your work, walk away from it and come back when you want to finish your menu and shopping list and it will still be there. It’s fantastic and so easy to do! It takes just minutes! You can also share and edit your own recipes! Some things you will only be able to do if you register and log in, so register as a member today and start cooking!

I’ve added lots of new recipes this week as well. I do not have pictures for them all yet, but you can still save them and try them. Most of them are “tried and true” recipes from my own personal cookbook and many of them I have created myself so they are totally new. It’s a good time to check out all the new features on the website while trying some new recipes! Awesomeness!

Now, for recipe category additions this week…I have added new categories to the recipe index too and will be adding more, continually. This week, I’ve added Beef & Pork, Bread & Rolls, Cookies & Bars and a Make-It-Yourself group for home-made mixes, spices, etc. From one day to the next, the website will not look the same! Keep coming back for more!



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