Starting to get the hang of this!

I’m starting to get the hang of editing this website. Hopefully soon, I will have some recipes on the website and some other news articles.

This week, I received my first Instant Pot and made some homemade yogurt. It was my first try so flubbed up a bit on making it. I assumed the LED worked like my microwave oven.  On my microwave, 02:00 is two minutes and I quickly found out that on the Instant Pot 02:00 is two hours! I ended up slightly scorching my first batch of milk while making yogurt, but it’s still edible, thank goodness! The Instant Pot seems to be somewhat forgiving. Since I have the newest one, (the Ultra 60) it is a bit different than the previous pots and most of the recipes are made for the previous pots. It’s going to take some adjusting to the recipes for the new pot and as I get used to using my pot, I’m sure I will make more mistakes. Oh well! We learn by our mistakes sometimes! I have learned that about life in general.


We also had 9 Lab puppies born next door! That was an exciting event! There are 5 females and 4 males. I got to watch Mara have her last several pups. She had 3 goldens, 4 chocolate and 2 black labs. Puppies are always so cute! I can’t wait to share some pics of them with you!

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