Non-GMO? Really?

I’ve heard a lot of the talk lately about GMO and Non-GMO, but what is it really? It’s been bugging me, that they are using that phrase or description in ads lately, on TV, radio and online. I’ve been wondering what the heck it really means, so I decided to look it up and see what it was referring to. I found out, that GMO means Genetically Modified Organism and Non-GMO means Non Genetically Modified Organism, but it’s a sneaky thing to suggest that somehow it means organic or better for you. GMOs are perfectly safe to eat and use! Problem is, in order to make decisions about what to eat and what not to eat, you need to know the facts. There are four key things to know about GMO foods. One, the fact is, most of the foods that we eat are already Non-GMO! Two, there are only 9 GMO crops currently commercially available in the United States. Soybeans, Corn, Papaya, potato, canola, cotton, alfalfa, sugar beets and summer squash. three, humans have been making changes to plant DNA for thousands of years, and four, genetic engineering differs from other plant breeding techniques by enabling certain positive outcomes and changes to be made to the plant, such as pest control, nutrition enhancement and drought tolerance, just to name a few. Non-GMO does not mean organic and it does not mean that it is healthier or better for you! Advertising is making an effort to pump up sales by using it as some kind of health stamp and even the USDA is succumbing to the hyperbole! Good grief! Gimme a break! Here is a link with the facts for you to check, before you succumb to the Non-GMO garbage being thrown at us by marketing. It’s a trap! It makes other people money at our expense! GMO Answers

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