Made Ricotta Cheese Today

I made my Riccota cheese today and it turned out fantastic. I’m hoping I can learn how to make other cheeses so I can make them lowfat and low sodium. This Riccota is low sodium and wonderful! It took a lot of milk & a lot of whey from the yogurt making process though, to make a small amount of cheese. This time I threw away the whey. I suppose I could have used it somehow in cooking, but didn’t want to bother with it.

While my Ricotta was making, I had my first jar of yogurt from the batch I made last and drained for 3 hours. It made a tremendous amount of difference to the texture of the yogurt and was much creamier and thicker. Was so, so good! It was just a tiny bit more tart but was still very, very good! I think that from now on, it will be my regular routine.

On Wednesday, I will be ordering a couple more accessories from Amazon. I plan to order a Paderno World Cuisine Fresh Butter Maker (butter churn) and French Butter Dish (butter bell). I could just make butter with my Kitchen Aid mixer but I want the younger grandkids to be able to make butter and I think they will love using the little churn, and I want to show them how the butter bell works so I am ordering an old fashioned French butter bell. I want to start skimming the fat from the cows milk to make my yogurt low-fat and healthier, so I will be making butter and getting the little ones to use the little butter churn. It will keep them interested and busy and make them feel they are accomplishing something. I will let you all know how that goes with them. I’m hoping they will have a really good time with it.

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