Cajun Style Chicken Nuggets

It’s been awhile since I have made these, but I have a little different way of cooking these. In fact, I use a mixture of milk and eggs that I dip them in first, and then into some flour, re-dip them in the eggs and milk and then into the bread crumbs. (I mix the seasonings in with the flour and the soup mix in with the bread crumbs) and then drop them into the fryer. It makes for much better chicken nuggets. I had a heck of a time getting the red pepper to stick to the nuggets and got a better overall kick to the recipe, using cayenne pepper in place of the red pepper. I will add an optional ingredient list and two additional methods of cooking to the recipe. You may want to try your own tweaks to this recipe. If you do, please come back and comment below the recipe. Tell us what you did and how it turned out for you.

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