I love animals and support animal rescue and adoption in any way I can. I am not a vegan or a vegetarian by any means, but I do believe in humane treatment of animals and how we treat them for our use. They are a gift and should be treated as such.



I love to cook, bake, and collect kitchen gadgets and recipes. As you can see, that’s mostly what the website is about. I’ll share some of my best recipes with you and you can share some of yours with me. The kitchen is a magic place and we get to provide the magic!



I have 9 amazing & beautiful grandchildren & I feel blessed every day! I’ll show you how my passion for the cooking arts ties into my grand parenting and try to share some good ideas on how to share our passion with our grandchildren.


The Animal Rescue Site…

The Animal Rescue Site

Shop or donate to help support animal rescue, shelters and those fighting abuse and neglect of pets and other animals. You can make a difference!

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